So last night I done a 60 mins HIIT workout with my personal trainer,

My workout consisted of the following…

3 sets of 15 – Clean and press

3 sets of 15- Squats

3 sets of 30- Deadlifts no added weight, roughly 15kg bar.

3 sets of 15- Burpees (BASTARDS!)

3 sets of 12- Back Squats

3 sets of 12- Sit ups

4 minutes Interval Treadmill training.

30 secs walk on a pace of 6

30 secs run on a pace of 12

This workout my trainer likes too call, EMPTYING THE BUCKET!

It is a very highly intense training workout it makes you SWEAT!

I complain throughout all my workouts and I’m forever f’ing and blinding, shouting out

‘ I can’t ‘.

But I always manage too finish them, regardless too what mood I am in or how many times my brain has given up before my body, that is my downfall my thinking, I always feel I can’t do something before I have even tried too do so. But all the best things take time, like e.g learning too ride a bike or learning too drive a car. Both things take time but eventually you get there. These things you also never forget, so once you’ve learnt too master it, it then becomes apart of every day routine.

My trainer also loves too make me aware of when we feel uncomfortable or feel as though

‘ I’m dying’ (as I like to call it) its pushing you too another level if you feel comfortable with how you are training you aren’t working out hard enough therefore the results will be near non existent.





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