STRONG Looks better NAKED!

So I’m Currently reading Khloé Kardashian – Strong looks better naked.

I’ve had it a while and I just didn’t bother reading it because I thought what can she tell me that I don’t already know. But I can honestly say this woman has the exact same mindset as myself. She is REAL!


She has a realistic approach on health and fitness she realises just like myself it DOESN’T happen overnight! You’ve got to work hard and when I say hard I mean FUCKING HARD!


She has also realised a series on HEYU called – Revenge Bodies. MOTIVATING ! If you haven’t seen it I advise you too watch it !


People forever say there isn’t enough hours in the day or I don’t have enough time too meal prep BULLSHIT ! 24 hours in a day its dependant on if you want it enough too make small changes too your lifestyle that will reap massive benefits.


Always focus on making yourself 1% better. Set yourself that small little goal throughout and they turn into a whole lot of achievement.

You have to be able too walk before you can run!

Have a wonderful weekend ♥







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