BEAT the bloat!♥

Do you constantly feel bloated ?

I may have some hidden secrets you may not know as too why. Well that milk you put in your tea/coffee/latte/frappuccino/cappuccino or even on your cereal ? is what the body knows to be an Inflammatory. Along side yeast, mold, refined sugars, gluten and ultimately alcohol there is DAIRY !

Dairy too most nutritionists is like eating moderately hard phlehm, if that doesn’t make you feel sick nothing will. Dairy is for babies, we’re the only animals in the entire animal kingdom that ingest dairy after babyhood ( FACT!) No one else does it but us.

Also if you’re an asthmatic you should not even think to consume dairy, it inhibits oxygen utilization. Its highly inflammatory, it elevates triglyceride levels.

There is absolutely nothing beneficial in dairy !

Its safe to say if we was to do a survey, lining up 20 of the best athletes within the world, how many do you think would include dairy ? any ideas? WELL the answer is ZERO! and why is that you maybe wondering ?

Any Athlete who is concerned about performance, oxygen utilization and also digestion isn’t going to go anywhere near dairy. its shockingly bad for digestion, irritable bowel syndrome, GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) all these things have a direct relationship with diary.

Take dairy from the equation these ailments tend to disappear ! See for yourself!

I advise anyone to try something at least once and this is one thing I do strongly recommend for people who cannot beat the bloat. Try a non dairy diet and see for yourself how much your body will feel different.


LotsOfLoveLottie x


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