Get your head straight♥

Key too getting your head straight ? Organisation!

If you know what you’re doing day by day you’ll be shocked at how easily things can become.

So start with food prep! make a plan that you’ll food prep on a Sunday & a Wednesday this way you have equal days each side that way its also remaining fresh!

Honestly how many people say ‘ There just aren’t enough hours in the day?’ GUILTY ! I have. I now say, that is complete and utter BULLSHIT! you make time for what is important to you, if it isn’t you’ll think up some shitty excuse, (been there, done that, got that t-shirt!)

Great way to maximise your time I would suggest making a to-do list (Oh I love a list.) Make a list of everything that needs to get done, and I get it done. For me, it has to be visual. When its in black and white its real, its set in stone, done & dusted, put to bed and however many otherwise you can put it.

This should motivate you to get it done, it does with me simply because I’m motivated in all aspects of my life, so with simple structure it makes it a lot easier & tend not to make excuses! I’m also a major worrier, so anything not completed I find it really stressful.

A healthy lifestyle isn’t just about eating clean and working out they’re perks but its also about strengthening the mind! I realised from working out that it actually changed my out look to near enough everything that I do now. I think to myself; ‘Is this going to benefit me’ and 9/10 it normally doesn’t so I stay well away. You need discipline!!! That does’t happen over night but doing all this array of things will help you change that! There’s a great quote about this: The first time is a mistake. The second time is a choice. Have a little think of that the next time you plan to do something non beneficial to your lifestyle.


LotsOfLoveLottie x




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