FrieDAY 🍟❌

Happy friyay everyone. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. 

Few things to help you stay on track over the weekend. 

  • Think of why you started; a lifestyle isn’t something you take a break from. 
  • This isn’t a diet ! 
  • Don’t think you deserve a treat just because it’s the weekend, but don’t deprive yourself. If you can wholeheartedly say without lying to yourself you deserve it, DO IT!
  • Do your to do lists. 
  • Do something you haven’t done yet but wanted to do for a while. 

Just because it’s the weekend there is no excuse to introduce a poor diet. Everyone gets the itch or that perception to treat themselves at the weekend. I mean treat yourself within moderation. Don’t scoff yourself stupid expecting to have lost a stone come Monday because you’ve been good for all of 5 days ! Remember a week has 7 days and life still goes on after Friday ! It’s what you do over them days is down to your choices. 

This is where organisation will play a massive part in your life.


I didn’t have nothing planned to eat when I come home from training. I’d texted my mum earlier in the day saying ” what can we do for dinner ” she responded with ” let’s have a treat ” I nearly very nearly said yes let’s do that let’s eat something naughty. BUT then I trained I sweated buckets doing hill sprints, sat in my car after I’d done and told myself NO, no treat do not do it to yourself. 

So I’m now eating chicken, sweet potato and half an avacado. (Instead of an Indian.) *CRYS*

” Nice time on the lips, life time on the hips!” 

Small steps will make massive changes and impact. 

Choose wisely!

LotsOfLoveLottie x 


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