Anxiety ♥

How would I describe anxiety ? A PAIN IN THE ASS!

Anxiety is a feeling of unease, such as worry or fear, that can be mild or severe. Everyone has feelings of anxiety at some point in their life, some more so than others.

Although anxiety is normal throughout everyday life it occurs in everyone’s life but when do we know the difference from it being a mental health problem?

Because anxiety is a normal human experience, it’s sometimes hard to know when it’s becoming a problem for you – but if your feelings of anxiety are very strong, or last for a long time, it can be overwhelming.

For example…

  • You might find that you’re worrying all the time, perhaps about things that are a regular part of everyday life, or about things that aren’t likely to happen – or even worrying about worrying.
  • You might regularly experience unpleasant physical and psychological effects of anxiety, and maybe panic attacks.
  • Depending on the kind of problems you experience, you might be given a diagnosis of a specific anxiety disorder.


I used to suffer from anxiety really bad until quite recently, I’ve learnt how to control it & I can thank myself & for training so hard. People would say its because you’re ‘Insecure’ NO! this wasn’t the case. Of course I had a stigma about my weight but it didn’t make me insecure I still managed to be chatted up or having a boyfriend! I was far from insecure I still had confidence.

Anxiety is in your mind convincing yourself that things are worse than what they really are. I remember a few years back I was really unhappy in an old job and one morning I got dressed, left my house walked to my car and turned back and just had to get changed because I couldn’t cope with how I thought I looked & I’d wound myself up so much about it & gave myself a panic attack. This was one example of anxiety getting the better of me, this happened a lot for a long period of time until I had to take control of my thoughts and they over took my life.


What does being anxious feel like ?

Common physical symptoms of anxiety include: Pounding heart, sweating. Headaches, stomach upset, or dizziness.

I used to get all of the above! EVERYDAY without fail.

How not to be anxious ?

  1. Take a deep breath.
  2. Accept that you’re anxious.
  3. Realise your brain is playing tricks on you.
  4. Question your thoughts.
  5. Use a calming visualisation.
  6. Be observant without judgement.
  7. Use positive self talk.
  8. Focus on right now.


How to deal with your anxiety ? 

  1. Take time out.
  2. Eat well balanced meals.
  3. Limit your intake of caffeine & alcohol, which can aggravate or trigger panic attacks.
  4. Get enough sleep (Minimum 7 hours).
  5. Exercise daily to help feel good & maintain good health.
  6. Meditation.
  7. Cutting down/Stopping smoking.


Having anxiety isn’t anything to be ashamed about, its something we should share and feel comfortable to share with people & shouldn’t be judged by. So if you also go through this know you’re not the only one.












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