Unfulfillment ♥

This week has been a struggle & I don’t say that lightly.

I’ve questioned everything within life this week and this is something I used to do a lot of but not so much anymore until this week.

And it got me thinking as to why?

Does anyone ever feel like they’re constantly lacking something and don’t know why or what it is ? ME TOO!

I’m young (23) I have so much life ahead of me but I always think things never move fast enough. ( if I want it I want it now!) perks of being an only child!

I always suggest things to do with friends and always try to make time for my loved ones. But recently I just feel like no one has any get up and go ( NO offence guys.)

‘ An idle mind, is the devils playground. ‘  there is no truer saying especially when it comes too me.

I always have to be doing something, I can’t lay around in bed all day and watch the world go by even if it is the weekend and its time to relax, NO I work 6 days a week and I train 4/5 times a week also and yet I still have the time and energy to want to do things !

24 HOURS IN A DAY ! I only require 6/7 Hours sleep, I work 9 hour days & Train for 1 Hour correct me if I am wrong but that’s only 16 hours ? What can you possibly do in that other 8 hours ? A LOT!!

Life is for living and I feel some people forget that, I did for a long time. I didn’t ever wanna do very much I was content with routine. Don’t get me wrong I still have routine and I love the routine I am in but I do like to infuse other things into daily life.

I feel like I must contribute in a big way to something bigger than me, Its like I must always have something in the pipeline to strive for that is in the direction of my purpose. I have always felt that my life has a purpose of some sort. I talk to people about their purpose and I hear may different ideas on purpose. I envy the people with fairly simple life purposes that are living it every day, only because maybe it would make my life easier, but who wants an easy life ? When you really think about it what is an easy life ? I doubt anyone can say my life is really easy.

Everyone is scared of change and the unknown, but with that you have to sacrifice. This is where you need to just adapt the attitude of ‘ FUCK IT ‘ if you want to experience something just go and do it, there isn’t always going to someone there 24/7 to hold your hand so put on your big girl pants and go and do what you want to do. YES encourage people to do it with you if you feel its something they’d be interested in but if they decline don’t stress it, do it alone.

Any unfulfillment you have within your life should motivate you. How I’ve had to think about it this week is: balance any feelings of unfulfillment with appreciation and gratitude,  see what you have already done, and consider what you have already accomplished.




LotsOfLoveLottie x






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