The ULTIMATE Workout ♥

So over the last month I’d felt really sluggish within myself & had to really push myself into training which isn’t normally the case.

Last Saturday I got the trainer pep talk ‘ Your not training hard enough, you can do better than this whats the matter with you.’

With that I felt instantly upset because I knew what he was saying wasn’t BULLSHIT! I’d been feeling that way myself.

Come Monday  I was questioning my ability to train and saying to myself ‘ can I do this anymore, whats the point?’

I had the talk to myself and just tell myself ‘ Lots, you’re a boss, you train like a boss when you’re on form & you always never give yourself enough credit for what you do. BOSS UP.’

So come yesterdays session it was GAME ON!

Here is what I done… (Feel free to try.)

3 sets of 15 – Jumping squats

3 sets of 15- Upright rows

3 sets of 15- Triceps dips

5 sprints with 15 clean and press in between each sprint

3 sets of 15 -Crunches

3 sets of 15- Leg raisers

3 sets of 15 – Burpees

10 sprints


Don’t seem like a lot when you write it down but it feels like Satan burning my soul with a hot rod every single minute.


But it will be worth it, chose to be 1% each day and you’ll achieve everything you want & more.




LotOfLoveLottie x






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